Marketing your home
It is important to understanding while marketing your home it will take the family as a unit to achieve a successful sale. When marketing your home agent focus on getting great interior pictures and pay little attention to curve appeal. Therefore, the home exterior needs to attract the buyer(s) to the door and the interior needs to draw them inside. We will be focusing on getting two distinct audiences prospective buyers and agents. We will implement our consumer marketing to reach prospective buyers also business marketing to reach our co-agents.

  • Creating Market Awareness
  • Highlighting the key feature of the home
  • Internet Marketing

Market awareness

The internet is the most powerful tool in bringing awareness to your home sale. Technology alone will not get your home sold. That’s why we hire professionals to prepare your home for sale.

Home Staging: Highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers with staging. We will walk through the home to help point out the areas of concern. Also provide tips on how to capture the attention of prospective buyers.

Professional photographer: You have heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” or “what a difference a picture makes”. As an agent, we take the time to assist with preparing your home for its picture day. If you have an agent marketing your home with a mobile phone or Instamatic camera they are doing you a disservice. We pride ourselves in keeping the seller goal of obtaining maximum profit for their home. That is why we hire the best to showcase your home to increase your showing traffic. Property with only a front photo makes the prospective buyer think the home interior may have issues; which results in no or limited showing.

Property Description: Prospective buyers decide what homes they want to see based on two major elements pictures and property description. We believe they should be able to read about the home while envisioning themselves touring your home.Short property description often makes the buyers think twice about viewing your home. This goes hand and hands with bad pictures and limited description. Leaving everything to the buyer’s imagination.

Internet Marketing: We work hard to feature our listings in their best light. The MLS populates hundreds of websites in addition to those we input manually the highest number of visitors goes to and Prospects use the web to search to find homes and save their favorite homes as they make final decisions. That is why we work hard to make our website user-friendly and compatible with mobile devices.

Showing-There is about 4,000 real estate agents in Charleston. In addition to reaching the prospect buyers as discussed above, we need to get those agents excited about your home and schedule a showing with their buyer. We work hard to maintain relationships with our agent community.